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Master Yoga Teacher and Holistic Therapist 

Nathalie was born in Stockholm Sweden. Feeling fortunate that her inheritance is from different parts of the world, she never really felt ethnicity to any country or any form of nationalism., she felt that this was truly a blessing that expanded her consciousness 
And there after expanding to our divine inheritance, the light the love the frequency of the universal truth.

Nathalie expanded her spiritual journey, 19 years ago around the year 2000 in Sweden. She was originally trained as a Holistic Therapist and healer in Stockholm , by her teacher of the Hoo Mat association. 
She always had a hunger for change and continued to learn and grow in every opportunity she got.
Working as a Holistic Therapist she realised the value of dealing with the individual as a whole and focusing on working from the inside out, keeping in mind the physical, mental and spiritual.

She then went on to add to the knowledge and studied as a Nutrition adviser in Stockholm, so her clients could  have a bespoken treatment. 

She started her Yoga training in Stockholm Sweden and completed her Yoga teacher training in Greece, completing her 600 Hrs TT, as a Master yoga teacher, her Yoga Dive school which is Cyprus based, is certified by the International Yoga Alliance. 
The school provides teacher training 200 hrs TT and 200 hrs Pranayama meditation teacher certification, as well as daily yoga classes, courses, workshops and international yoga retreats.

In yoga philosophy Samskara meaning our programming and paradighms, is of great value in her work, offering holistic coaching sessions, reprogramming based on the yoga philosophy. A passion for understanding both the physical and spiritual and emotional elements of the human magic. 

Honouring a divine and human inheritance. Thru this she believes we can change our future and create our dream. 

Today she is almost done writing her first book with title Abhaya – fearless 

Τhe Yoga Dive academy 

Founder Nathalie Kassdanno

The academy Yoga dive is an innovative combination a signature style of Yoga and a dream of a yoga community where all aspects come together, a generally holistic approach to the physical and the spiritual. An integration, the science of yoga and the love for the sea and conscious Re- programmed living . The fundamental base of the school is the deep breath work, so called pranayama in Sanskrit – conscious breathing. A holistic approach to the essence of humanity . 

Yoga Dive Academy in Cyprus, is certified by the International Yoga Alliance for 200 h. The school provides teacher training 200 hrs TT and 100 hrs Pranayama meditation teacher certification, as well as daily yoga classes, courses, workshops and international yoga retreats. 
The Yoga style that The Academy teaches incorporates elements of Hatha, yin, yang, Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow, as well as meditative practices, vibration activation Mantras and pranayama breathing techniques. 
Shake mediation practice and vinyasa flow, spinal yoga practice coming together with the breath, where the breath and movement become one. 
Yoga Dive differs because it uses various forms of yoga, to strengthen focus and deepen the breath – dynamic yoga and static yogasana (poses), as well advance pranayama kumbhaka (breath retention, Apnea) within the practice, also called dry training. 
Yoga dive is a perfect addition to any student and to anyone facing anxiety and stress in their lives, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and learning how to slow down our breathing-simply learning the art of breathing less. As the teaching of pranayama means exactly this, to control the flow of air. Breathing less is a controlled hypoventilation that eventually leads to tolerance of carbon dioxide and that in its turn leads to better absorption of oxygen.

It’s a combination of practices to strenghthen, balance and heal inside out.
The academy holds ecstatic dance workshops and shake meditation practice incorporated into the 5 element meditation – healing meridians of the main organs in the body. A focus on meditation and healing on a daily basis !

“I think it is not how many breaths we take that makes life magical but the moments that take our breath away” Maya Angelou

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