Nour Tao Thai Holistic Course

Nour Tao Thai Holistic course – Level one 

An amazing opportunity for any certified Therapist or beginner to join this innovated course in holistic therapy. And for anyone that longs for more experience and a nice weekend Retreat.

Meridians | Nadis | Mantra | Vibration | Level 1 Yin Yoga |Level 1 Yoga Therapy | Zen lines | Level 1 Traditional Thai | Level 1 Nour Tao | Food & Fasting | Music Therapy |Mediation | Basic Pranayama |Elements

The level one course will provide you with following knowledge

• A basic Yoga practice for better mobility during your therapy sessions
• Pranayama breathing for better oxygen absorption thru the body 
• Nadis and energy channels in the body 
• The 5 elements and organ connection – Tao practise 
• Zen lines 
• Fire Mediation Practice 
• Traditional Thai massage – Theory and Practice
• Practice – on students and receiving from professional practitioner and teacher
• The Nour tao – Tao points and oil massage – Intro level one 
• Music Therapy session – by two amazing Music therapist 
• Video with basic Traditional Thai massage  to take with you home 
• Practice days 
• Extra Test day

200 H Yoga therapist certification YAI

More information here

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