The Meaning of Yoga

YOGA means Union in Sanskrit 

As I am explaining the term yoga in my book Abhaya , I do mean the philosophy the spiritual practice coming from all over the world, and I am not speaking of specific forms or country bound traditions. 

  • Connection with the truth and joy, not a religion
  • Religions are different paths to the same goal, unfortunate many create divisions, fanatic and barriers in the name of god
  • Yoga stand for oneness of all beings, and it’s a universal spiritual pursuit
  • Yoga dispels ignorance and ego, and develops a universal outlook and love

Yoga is Unity in the midst of diversity

Yoga is a philosophy of a life journey, its a spiritual science that leads to the quest for realizing ones true nature, our divine perfect infinite ‘Atma’ pure spirit, our essence.

When the Atma is not fully embodied and cherished in the body, we tend to forget our true nature.

We start to look for security in the most unsecure form, in material objects desires and pleasures.

We can never find security in the material, all can be lost, yes?

There is nothing wrong with physical pleasures in my belief, that’s why we are in a body, to experience the body enjoy the joy of this earth. 

But not to get stuck there!

The senses never stop wanting more, and will never be for filled, they more you give them stimuli the more they want.

Only the spirit can be free, and content.

Therefore, yoga is a path for self-realization and liberation, from our pain body and ego.

Yoga for me was never about Asanas (poses) which is the common assumption most people think of when they hear yoga, I did not even know what yoga Asana was until much later in my life.

I thought for many years I was just practicing mediation spirituality in form of self knowledge, self discipline and reaching higher potential of who I can be. 

I believe meditation is the greatest yoga.

Yoga is the work we do off the mat as much as on the mat.

Eventually  yoga asana the physical part of yoga,  found me, and it became the practice of the body, through the body to the spirit. And I am grateful for adding this limb of yoga to my life. For it has been through this that I could teach mediation and transformation.

Yoga is not only about stretching the body , its connecting the unconsciousness with the consciousness to achieve  strength in the body , mental and physical balance and  to reach a meditative state, a state of divine ecstasy.

Learning to be mindful  and establish a connection to your breath, to life, to stillness and to learn to flow, allowing the Prana meaning the life force, to be in constant change and development within us .

For within the greatest stillness, change can emerge and change is the only unchangeable.

When the body is correctly placed in the asana you will find  steadiness, lightness and depth, in that moment the mind and body are no longer separated,  they become one! 
There is no space for thoughts only stillness.

The philosophy of yoga is usually to start from the body the Asanas and moving forward to the mind and spirit. My path was the opposite, for I was first introduced to the spiritual aspect of yoga and meditation. 
So there are no right or wrong ways, all road lead to awakening if the attention is pure.
I do recommend balance in all corners of existence – the body the asana to take away physical blockages to allow prana to flow, energy to heal, the meditation for the soul, the diet the intake of nutrients for the physical body, and food for the mind through intellectual knowledge and wisdom.

I believe, we can say to live by these principles.

Look after your body; honour the base the foundation that is the temple of your soul.
Enjoy and be thankful for your life, with responsibility to your life and actions.
Help others enjoy and be a better version of them selfs.
Help to awaken humanity from the sleep state of the ego, be a servant of light to the world.

First look after your body, the base the most physical and first stepping stone in the material universe.
Everyday give some space to yourself.
Some love to you, through practicing and meditation or any loving action towards you.
We don’t need to call it anything in specific, just some space for your soul to expand in loving light.
So when you have given it to yourself, you know how gentle loving care feels like.
Then you can start to give it to the others, just a little bit each day, and teach yourself first how it feels.
Give it to others, your family, the ones you love and even the ones you don’t like.

This becomes the most important yoga, the yoga of connection, and the love to the world.
The practice of a life path to find  our life purpose 

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