Meditation – Dhyana

The only Unchangeable is change

I believe meditation just happens to us!

Teachers can show us various ways to reach a state of meditation, different ways to keep attention pure, but meditation just happens to you. And its no longer called meditation. Mediation is when you try to learn, just to be. When you actually learn how to be one with all you are no longer meditating.

What is Meditation – Dhyana?

The state of meditative absorption that happens when you can effortlessly hold the focus of dharana (focus). When you stop identifying with your thoughts and the fluctuations of the mind, you come to rest like a lotus flower floating tranquilly on the surface of a pond. At this point you go into a time warp and merge with consciousness, no longer aware of your body or the external world. The mind is clean, and with clear perception can reflect your soul or true self, happy and free. Some would say a state of thoughtlessness, a state of witnessing a state of presence.

Pure consciousness awareness where the ego dissolves and transformation lifts consciousness. This state is called Samadhi – a dynamic meditation throughout life in constant awareness. Meditation is not always in stillness and silence, as well as realization, awakening which can enlighten our soul in the middle of a crowd as in the Sahara.

Meditation is a state of the soul, a joy a showering of crystal love. An infinite moment within infinity, a moment of expansion. Meditation is the moment you let go of the I the me and let your essence be mesmerized by something beyond you. Though making space for yourself and using discipline to just sit with yourself daily, is mediation, sometimes achieving complete stillness sometimes just being a witness. Mediation can be action oriented, it can come as we swim in ocean, realizing how small we are in an abundant universe, also realizing we are one with every drop of the ocean. It can happen when we give to others seeing the joy we bring to our surroundings, as we wash the dishes, as we make love as we lose our self in nature in the beauty of a tree.

Everything is meditation when attention is pure, when done with awareness with love To evolve and have any higher spiritual experience, we learn that body must be still, the mind must be still, and the feelings must be still.

Meditations effect on the brain

• Meditation Shrinks the Brain’s “Fear Center.”

In fact, after an 8-week mindfulness study, Boston University researchers’ MRI scans show that the brain’s anxiety, depression and fear center, the amygdala – shrunk significantly. The scientists found that the synergetic connectivity between the amygdala and the rest of the brain also weakened, while the brain areas associated with focus and higher consciousness got stronger (amygdala – memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions).

• Meditation Grows the Brain’s “Happy” Center.”

• Reduces the aging process

• Boost the immune system

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