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Abhaya – Fearless 

I started writing a compendium for the teacher training courses, and as I wrote I was inspired for more. 

Life is short, it passes quickly but the soul eternal, so grow into love
Be what is absent 

Sexuality Tantra | Relationships |Unconditional love | Yoga philosophy and practice | Asanas | Freediving manual | Advanced Breath work | Food & Nutrision Ayurveda |  Anatomy physiology | History | Addictions & samskaras | The nervous system | Mantras & Vibrations | Naturally high | Advanced yoga practices | the ego | Let go with love | oxygen and the yoga dive workshops and much more

My intention behind Abhaya

My intention for this book and my inspiration is simply, to share all I learned in a shortcut, an easy way to bring more insight to life, through many aspects, a glimpse of everything, and then its your choice what you like to focus on deeper.  My grandmothers has written many books and in the back of my mind that always mesmerized me, I loved the memory of a story, a life put down on paper.

I love writing, reading quotes life changing insights. Quotes written from amazing great people before our time, our ancestors.

I love taking pictures, they remind me of a life well lived, and it’s almost like we want to hold on to the feeling, a great sensation before it fades away, in the illusion of time . 

It’s like stepping back and watching the emotion in this moment in time. 

Pictures representing life choices made in time, for me.

Regrets in life can mean wanting to have taken a different life path, this  I am fortunate I don’t ever regret, but if I can whisper a secret in my own ear, I say –  be slightly more selective in your choices, it will save you much time and pain. Not all battles need to be experienced, not all romantic attractions must be lived fully, this I guess is just a small alteration I would make In my life. I would catch the pain that wanted to be experienced though a person and heal it, through understanding how to honour my soul deeper.

If I die today, my only regret would be that I haven’t travelled enough, beside that I have no regrets, I feel blessed and a life well lived fearlessly and full of love and passion for life its self. I try to remind myself that I am a divine goddess in a human body, and must cherish all aspects of my existence, both divine and human.  

I am looking forward for amazing experiences coming ahead!

The title is ABHAYA meaning fearless, start off asking what that means to you!

Fearless can mean to some, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Fearless can mean someone that’s impulsive, foolish and does not s to care about the consequences.

For me, I say fearless means FAITH, trust that I be taken cared of as long as I live with my inner fire, my Agni and love towards everything in this moment. It’s the meaning of faith, it can be messy , empty, uncomfortable but allowing it to be there, stay with it until light emerges. 

This book was meant to be a compendium for the first teacher training course, and as I was starting, it appeared to me that I could elaborate it, I could deepen it, and I just started to write without holding back or knowing the outcome, into one story one book.

A book sharing my experience, the teaching of yoga for teachers, quotes , sexuality and pictures, memories  taken of life.

That resumes all I love, and all the people by my side that I am so grateful for. 

I just trust that words come when they need to be heard, at right time to right person, I trust you are reading this because it will contribute to you in some way.

So I don’t know if we call it yoga, or call it a path to your true essence, the path of existence as it is.

History doesn’t really know where it all started from, neither where  have originated from,  constantly missing links and new discoveries are coming to the surface.

Thousands of theories, philosophies!

Yoga or religions and everything else on this earth is written by people, yes?

And people write to the level of their understanding, one person can be seen as a saint for you and sinner for others.

So this book is dedicated, to all my students that practice with so much love, to my daughter wishing her a path of a light warrior, a beautiful woman on the inside and outside, reminding her that she is a love child, and to all the strong incredible goddesses woman in my family, to my father that I guess already knew I was going to write this book before I ever started, I only had the intention, but he knew.

The book is for anyone that want to follow a spiritual path, a path that hopefully leads to love, awareness and realization, with a little spark of knowledge from everywhere.

A path to light your purpose, to how you may be of service to this world, to contribute and make it more beautiful.

In this book you find just a little bit of everything, to give you a push on the journey of yoga, follow your curiosity, enjoy the ride. I wish you a great journey on your yoga path, don’t forget remain a student always, keep learning. 

This book is also used for the 200 h teacher training courses, but is also a book of conscious living for all aspects of our life’s, our body, our mind our relationships and sexuality, what to eat how to cherish the earth how to live with loving heart. 

Take what you need from it and what resonates with your heart, and leave everything else.

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