Unconditional Love – True Love

Unconditional love Or better said True love

Without conditions – The only way is without the ego. 

Ego demands of you to do what it wants, in exchange for love. it needs it to feed on, to justify the separateness it knows. I love you if you do as I want, says the ego.

As long that we are still unaware of our ego we can’t know true love. 

Seeing even glimpses of awareness brings you closer to Love. 

As we try to eliminate the negative part of the relationship, in hope that the positive will emerge.  

But the positive already holds within it, the manifested negative.

These relationships are built upon polarities because they are not true love. 

True love holds no opposite, because it arises beyond the mind. 

We see glimpse of true love through our lives, those are the moments that are inprinted in your mind and just thinking of them brings you a smile and a glow all over your body.

True love is rare for it requires two conscious humans.

Love is a state of being, it’s not depended of any form, neither unconditional or conditional.

They nearest way to Love is shedding light on the ego so it can’t live in the light of consciousness.  Now you are getting very close to feel what is true love, And of course we can.

When you see the world as part of  yourself, you would never harm anything, for you never harm a part of you. 

Book Abhaya  Chapter 11 Nathalie Kass- danno 

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